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The NEW Sparkle

 OKAY we all know the story….Musical prodigy Sparkle struggles to become a star while overcoming issues that are tearing her family apart. From an affluent Detroit area and daughter to a single mother, she tries to balance a new romance with music manager, Stix while dealing with the unexpected challenges her new life will bring as she and her two sisters strive to become a dynamic singing group during the Motown-era…

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT….This version is not like the original.

  • 1.      Satin Struthers is not a BIG TIME drug dealer; he’s a BIG TIME comedian.
  • 2.      Sister does not die, she goes to jail instead.
  • 3.      The baby sister Dee moves away to attend Medical School @ Meharry
  • 4.       Sista does not get her scalped burned by Sparkle with the hot comb….Sparkle does by Dee ***sorry that’s one of my favorite part in the original and they ruined it***
  • 5.      The mothers best friend (Ms. Waters) was nice in this one not nosey like the original
  • 6.      And……Levi is in it for about 30 mins then he’s gone till almost the end and then he’s in it for about 5 secs…..

Fat Writer Who Is Tired Of Reading About Skinny Main Characters…..

Most of the readers/writers of these FAMOUS skinny girl books are plumper people them selves.  Let’s embrace the FAT, FAT is apart of you.  Stop ignoring the FAT….Me and my FAT are as one and we’ve been together for a LONG time.  Sure sometime my FAT goes in hiding (SPANX) and then other times it’s front and center (WITHOUT SPANX).  We used to have a LOVE/HATE relationship but NOW.  I LOVE MY FAT!!!!  Of course I wish my FAT would stay in hiding But my FAT is very stubborn.  I wrote a book called The Cherry Valley Chronicles and it embraces the FAT.  The main Character Erin is a FULL FIGURED, VOLUPTUOUS, GODDESS.  She is THE MOST popular girl in school.  Erin is living the fabulous life, and every girl longs to be her.  

Hello All, I am the author of The Cherry Valley Chronicles.  Erin is a PLUS SIZE HERO…come on over and read all about her and her romance Triangle…..I hope you enjoy.  OH YEA, please don’t judge me or my grammar…..I promise I am working on it but don’t be a jerk or EXTRA!!! with correcting me ALL THE TIME when I mess up…….THX

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